Lake Whitney Glen

This 9.5-acre condominium bordered by watershed property in Hamden, CT consists of 23 buildings with 212 units. The Association was in immediate need of a hands-on Manager, due to unresponsive action to property maintenance and financial unaccountability and lack of transparency.

What did we do?

We implemented full Property Management protocols and procedures in handling the day-to-day affairs of the property. Immediate processes were instituted to reconcile all financial components and to restore accountability. Provide follow-up on all outstanding and waylaid Work Orders and tasks. We instituted an on-going channel of communication with all owners through our real-time web enabled management software platform.


Since November 2012, On The Mark has been able to successfully decrease by over 80% the thirty (30+) day and reduce Aged Delinquencies. With On The Mark’s guidance and direction, we have restored accountability of the Association to the unit owners and greatly improved the curbside appeal of the property.