Rebuilding Observation Deck/Pier at Anchorage Condominium

Due to the major devastation sustained during Hurricane Sandy, the Anchorage Condominium in Black Rock was in need of a trusted source to help them rebuild a long standing pier and observation deck that resided on the property. On The Mark took on this project with gusto, but at the onset the project had an obstacle to  overcome. In prepping for the design and construction, it came to light that the original deck had never had a Building Permit pulled. Taking this in stride, we immediately researched and verified the existence of the previous structure, thus allowing us to get approval from the CT State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to rebuild. Once approved by the CT DEEP,  a firm, that specializes in this type of construction, was outsourced. Working in lock step with the vetted contractors, a design was agreed upon and construction began. Construction included but was not limited to: sinking of helix piling for the pier, build out of pier and observation deck utilizing marine grade lumber and stainless steel hardware. Client satisfaction was off the charts, as the project was done quickly, within budget and without much residential disruption.